Grow Your Own Sweet Potato Slips

| 3/26/2018 10:05:00 AM

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This sweet potato is starting to grow sprouts which will grow into slips. Photo by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange 

I wrote Growing Sweet Potatoes in June 2016, Saving Sweet Potato Roots for Growing your own Slips in October 2016 and How to Prevent Sweet Potatoes Sprouting in Storage in January 2018. Here's the next step in the process of sweet potato self-reliance.

The Mystique of Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet potatoes are not grown from seed or from replanted roots, but from “slips,” which are pieces of stem with a few leaves, grown from a mother root. We used to buy bare-root slips, believing that growing our own would be very tricky. We had some problems initially, so I can warn you about how not to do it! Now we have a system we really like, and we’ve found several advantages of home-grown slips over purchased ones.

Disadvantages of Buying Slips

You need to specify a shipping date months ahead, then hope for good weather.

You might have late frosts, spring droughts, or El Nino wet springs, and climate change is only adding to the uncertainty.

You have to jump-to when the plants arrive, get them all in the ground promptly, and keep them alive as best you can.

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