Grow Flowers for Profit

You can grow flowers for profit using these helpful tips, includes information on flower farming as a small business, how to sell flowers, types of flowers to grow and equipment needed for flower farming.

| December 2002/January 2003

Learn how to grow flowers for profit as a flower farmer using these helpful tips.

Top Cutting Garden Flowers

Growing Annuals for a Cutting Garden

I get up at dawn and drink a cup of coffee on the porch as the red sun inches over the hillside. Then I head down to the field, just a stone's throw from the house, and wade into the neat rows of zinnias, sunflowers, salvia and celosia. As I focus on cutting stems and counting the flowers, all other thoughts drift away. It's a typical summer morning in the life of this flower farmer.

My husband joins me in the field, and by 8:30 a.m. we're ready to load the buckets of flowers into the van. I eat breakfast with my two children. take a quick shower, then drive the 30 miles into town to the florist. I spend a few minutes hanging around the shop, chatting with the designers, then I pick up my check — usually $300 to $500 per delivery — and head home.

Flower farming may he the perfect home business. You can set your own hours, work outdoors and earn a decent wage. Your spouse and/or children can help. You can work as much or as little as you choose — you really are your own boss.

Even after 14 years of running my own flower business, I still enjoy almost every aspect of the job, from studying catalogs and planning crops during the winter, to cutting thousands of stems from spring until fall.

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The information provided is very useful and exactly the sort of information I was curious about.

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Wow, it seems like growing flowers for a profit is something that sounds neat to do. This sure is something to share with my mom since my father already built her a garden filled with plant wholesalers. She has a wide variety of flowers that I'm sure other people would want to buy from her.

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