Gardening While Renting

| 12/23/2015 3:09:00 PM

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An abundance of green beans from Snarky Acres

I've been a renter my whole adult life (and I'm pretty old). My gardening "career" started accidentally with a kind gesture from a previous landlord tilling up an unused piece of his yard. By the time I moved to my current rented house (aka Snarky Acres) in 2010, I was fully addicted the growing my own vegetables.

When moving to Snarky Acres, I knew my stay would be for a few years as I was going through my bankruptcy at the time. Two things made me choose that specific place: proximity to work (1.5 miles) and the 50-by-20-foot fenced backyard garden.

As I was negotiating with my future landlord, Colin, it was obvious to him I was more interested in the garden plot than the house itself. A good-sized fenced garden in a sunny spot sold me even though the 70-year-old bungalow is situated on a busy state route. Colin told me, “You can make the whole yard a garden if you want.” Quite a bold statement for a 0.91-acre plot and he’s kept to his word to this day.

Negotiate the Garden with Your Landlord

The takeaway here is to garden on a rented site, you must have the owner's buy-in from the beginning. Getting the relationship established before you sign on the dotted line is of utmost importance. If you don’t see a garden, ask about putting one in. If you see one, ask about expanding.

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