Gardening Tips for Season and Region

Gardening tips for the best seasonal and regional home gardens.

| December 2004/January 2005

New England/Canada Maritimes

The days of strawberries and the sweet smell of newly mown hay are six months behind us — and six months ahead. Summer’s plenty is stored in the freezer and helps us through the darker days of winter. Pull some strawberries from the freezer and make a strawberry mousse. Delicious hot soups are easy to make from just about anything on hand. Winter flies by if you get out and move around in it — shovel, ski, skate or walk, then come in for hot soup or tea, and pull out the new seed catalogs.

I’m looking forward to planting a few new varieties in my garden, including ‘Piracicaba,’ a multi-headed broccoli, and ‘Limon,’ a lemon-yellow habanero-type pepper. This summer, I also plan to conduct a Thai basil trial, looking for plant mass and bolt resistance.

— Roberta Bailey, Fedco Seeds, Waterville, Maine.


Now is the time to reach under the fabric row cover and pull up a carrot so sweet it makes you dizzy. If your cold frame is full of tasty greens as well, you are the fortunate benefactor of your good timing, hard work and wise variety selection. To make sure you get the varieties you need, place orders early before seed stock starts running low.

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