The Two Kinds of People

| 9/11/2013 10:26:00 AM

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Male and female? Black and white? Nope, it’s . . . 

There are two kinds of people: gardeners and . . . um, well, whatever you call the others. They don’t seem to understand each other very well.

Last autumn, my friend Paul and I strolled through a well-manicured, upscale neighborhood near where he lives. I noticed all these workers tending lawns, raking leaves, and putting bags of grass and leaves at the curbsides. There are no compost piles here, I thought. Indeed, the houses were very grand, but the yards were very small. After a while, I mused aloud, “Why would anyone want to live here?”

My old friend stopped walking, looked at me in a new way, and said. “Because crime is low and the streets are safe, the schools are good, and the location is convenient to the airport and major highways.”

I thought his tone was a bit icy; perhaps that’s because Paul lives in the same Zip Code, albeit in a townhouse.

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