Gardening in Winter: Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Agriculture

| 10/4/2014 3:40:00 PM

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When we think about the art and science of gardening, our thoughts usually head toward springtime and summer. However, it’s absolutely possible to keep a garden going throughout the winter. You simply need to understand what to plant, when to plant it and how to maintain the best possible growing conditions in your home.

Why to Grow Plants Inside?

Plenty of people would never think to garden inside when it’s cold outdoors. After all, you can always get some food at the local grocery or health store.

Yet many individuals are getting worried that the produce they’re buying during the winter is less-than- nutritional. Besides, there’s nothing like the taste of food you grow yourself.

Which Plants Can Grow the Best Indoors?

Let’s say you don’t have a greenhouse in your backyard, and that you’re going to garden inside your apartment or house. In this case, the climate will probably be around 62 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a common temperature range for human comfort.

In this type of climate, there are several types of plants that do well, including many herbs, avocados, garlic greens, mushrooms, some kinds of salad lettuce and tomatoes.

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