MOTHER’s product picks for April/May 2017.

| April/May 2017

Hoss Garden Seeder

$319.99 at Hoss Tools

If you’re planning to seed long rows in tilled soil this growing season, a walk-behind seed planter is one of the best gifts you can give your back. The premise of the walk-behind planter design is that as you push it forward, the rolling coulter opens up a planting furrow at a preset depth. Meanwhile, a chain on the rear wheel drives a plate mechanism that evenly spaces the seed drop. Finally, a drag chain covers the seed, and the rear wheel presses the soil around the seed to maximize the germination rate.

We love the look of the Hoss Garden Seeder — the hardwood handles and simple mechanical drive give the model a heritage, made-to-hand-down flair — and we appreciate how easy it is to switch between seed plates as we turn from the turnip row to our string bean patch.

Pike’s Original Maine Garden Hod

$44.95 at Maine Garden Products

Historically, the hod was the laborer’s cradle, and its contents were precious, whether a load of bricks, a harvest of clams, or a fresh tomato harvest. Maine Garden Products’ modern hod is a riff on the traditional. This washable basket is great for the harvest season, but we’ve found ours to be versatile enough to work as a garden toolkit, a kindling basket, or a knitting carryall. We recommend you drop an extra $4 for the hand-painted logo because you’ll be admiring it for many years to come. Beware: If this hod is left vacant for too long, you might have to fight your cat for it.

Unglazed Deep-Dish Pie Plate

$40 at Hess Pottery

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