Green World Path Launches Sustainable Farming Products

Green World Path has released a number of tools to encourage sustainable farming practices, including organic fertilizer and a product to help combat citrus greening.

| December 2016/January 2017

Farmers-turned-entrepreneurs are well-suited to create the next generation of sustainable farming products, because they understand, in practical terms, what problems most need solving and what solutions will work in the fields. That’s why scientist and farmer Ray Nielsen launched Green World Path in 2007, and is now developing a new line of all-organic fertilizers, soil amendments, pest- and weed-control solutions, and related products.

Recently, the company offered a product to treat a condition called “citrus greening” (also called huanglongbing or HLB) in Florida, and made a significant impact on the citrus-growing industry. The company’s philosophy is not only to create sustainable farming products, but also to share information about sustainable farming practices far and wide — and always at no charge. To follow the product launch and learn more, go to

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12/10/2017 9:52:10 AM

Contact Ray Nielsen, or call 352-398-3082 Plant City, FL

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Contact Ray Nielsen, or call 352-398-3082 Plant City, FL

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