Favorite and Essential Gardening Tools: Part One

| 9/17/2013 11:24:00 AM

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Over the years I’ve used many different gardening tools in various gardens I’ve had. I’ve borrowed tools from friends — that useless lawn edger with three spiked wheels was not a hit — and I’ve purchased or been given tools. Spades, forks, reel mowers, scythes, and curly hoses, have all made their way through my hands. Working to economize my tool needs, I’ve assessed the tools I’ve found essential to working in my garden.

prunersFelco Pruners

The Felcos are the best pruners I’ve used. The ergonomic design and replaceable blades makes for the best hand pruning. In my collection I have two of the number 2 models, one number 6, and one number 8 model. The smaller 6s are my go-to favorite for most hand pruning jobs. My small hands have good control of the tool, and the small blades make for getting into tight spaces very easy. The number 2 model was my first experience with the brand, and it is a good, all around pruner. I recommend getting a scabbard to hold the pruners, which can be clipped to a belt or a pocket. This keeps them at the ready while working in the garden.

A few years ago I got the Felco loppers with straight handles. These are lightweight and such a pleasure to use. The loppers I’d used in the past were just a bit too heavy for me, and made pruning tiring. With the Felcos I can go for as long as I need to get my pruning done, without fatigue setting in.

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9/18/2013 10:16:57 AM

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