Garden Bugs: Identifying Serious Garden Predators

How to identify serious vegetable garden predators and control tactics for garden bugs, including flea beetle, corn earworm, Colorado potato beetle, and Japanese beetles.

| May/June 1986

Has your lettuce been slugged?

Are your squash bored? Are there felons in your melons? When horticultural hoodlums start moving in on your turf, you'd better know how to (biologically) defend your plants from these bad bug garden predators! (See the image gallery to view the bad bugs).

Identifying Serious Garden Predators

Note: This listing does not include small-time, penny-ante garden predators that cry uncle if you squirt 'em once with a hose. Nope, these are the true crop criminals who ruthlessly ransack garden after garden, year after year. To save your tender, sweet young growings from these rapacious repeat bad bug offenders, you've got to identify the crawly culprits early and fight them tenaciously. And to help you in those efforts, we're including the best organic countermeasures we know for tackling the top nine unwanted garden pests.

Flea Beetle

a.k.a. "Machine Gun Billie," "Hole Punch," "Fleazy," "The Radish Ravager," "King Flea"

Range: Everywhere

Description: Very small black or brown beetle that leaps like a flea when disturbed at the scene of the crime.

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