Planting a Summer Garden in May

Learn the basics of when and how to plant a bountiful summer garden.

| May 9, 2013

The Weekend Homesteader (Skyhorse Publishing, 2013), by Anna Hess, guides readers to self-sufficiency, month by month. Whether it's January or June you'll find exciting, short projects that help you dip your toes into the vast ocean of homesteading without getting overwhelmed. If you need to fit homesteading into a few hours each weekend and would like to have fun doing it, these projects will be right up your alley, no matter if you live on a 40-acre farm, own a postage-stamp lawn in suburbia, or call a high-rise home. The following excerpt comes from chapter two, “May: (November Down Under),” and offers tips on planting a successful summer garden.

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In April, you should have prepared the soil for your summer garden and decided what to plant, so now you just need to put those seeds and sets in the ground.

When to Plant

I can’t tell you to plant on a certain day, because people living in different parts of the world have different climates and should plant at different times. The most important factor to consider for most of you will be your frost-free date — the calendar day after which you’re unlikely to see any further weather below freezing until the fall.

In the United States, state extension agents are a good source for accurate local information. These government offices often provide free classes, grants, and information about farming and home economics.

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