Grow Shade-Loving Vegetables and Fruits

| 7/7/2016 12:00:00 AM

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While shade presents a challenge, it needn’t stop you from growing your own fruit and vegetables. In this video we’ll suggest what you can grow in shade and share a few tricks of the trade to maximize the light your garden does receive.


Unless your climate is very hot, you should use the sunniest areas of the garden to start seeds, and then transplant them once they are bigger and better able to cope with shade. Use grow lights indoors to give early-sown seedlings a boost.

Paint walls and fences white, or use mirrors and other reflective surfaces such as shiny metal or foil to reflect any available light into shadier parts of the garden.

Shady areas are often colder and damper, so use cold frames or row covers to warm up the soil earlier and extend the growing season later. Use beer traps and delay laying mulches until the weather warms up to help deter slugs.

Space plants widely to help maximize light penetration.

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