Vegetable Garden Planner Gift Cards Now Available!

| 12/17/2010 12:58:35 PM

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Hold it! Before you get the green thumb in your life a new pair of garden clogs or a trowel for a holiday gift, we’d like to present a unique, superexciting option: a one-year subscription to our awesome, new Garden Planner. It’s a great gift for a seasoned gardener or for someone who just got the garden itch and wants to plan his or her first food garden.

The Planner allows you to experiment with all kinds of garden designs based on your bed or plot dimensions. The software includes dozens of different veggies, fruits, herbs and cover crops — you just pick the ones you want to grow, then add as many plants as you want to your plan. The software even shows you spacing requirements! Then it generates a customized planting list based on your plan and on the frost dates for your ZIP code. It’s so simple! There’s absolutely no guesswork about what to plant when or what to plant where. Plus, experimenting with different designs is tons of fun.

The Planner has a ton of other cool features that you can read about in our Garden Planner Information Page. To read more about the gift cards, or to purchase one, visit our Shopping Page. A gift card for a one-year subscription is just $25.

Let the planning begin! (Oh, and don’t forget to ask whoever you give the Planner to as a gift to share in the delicious harvests with you.)

3/2/2011 6:25:15 PM

Hi my code is zknks

Dave K_1
12/26/2010 4:43:27 PM

This sounds like a great resource but I believe Ogden is taking the wrong approach to generating revenue from it because not as many people will pay $25 on an annual basis as would be willing to pay something like 19.99 for software they "don't have to renew every year". You make more on the increased volume of sales and can always come out with new updated editions every few years that add functionality, new crop choices, and/or something like integrate hot boxes into the seed starting cycle. I'm included in the group that would pay 19.99 for software I could use as much as I like and would buy newer versions every few yrs but I won't pay $25 as a yearly "usage" fee. I also wouldn't consider giving a gift that the recipient only gets to use for a limited time. Happy planting everyone

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