In Search of the Perfect Garden Hoe

MOTHER EARTH NEWS tests the best garden hoes and weeding tools and finds out which ones work best, including an illustrated guide to garden tools.

| July/August 1987

MOTHER EARTH NEWS tests the new weeding tools and find out which ones work best. (See the garden hoes and weeding tools in the image gallery).

In Search of the Perfect Garden Hoe

Last summer, MOTHER EARTH NEWS rounded up and thoroughly tested 11 of the new garden hoes. Surprisingly, the tools covered an array of functions—scything, cultivating, chopping, hilling. As far as straight weeding goes, we concluded that it's best to have both a light-duty and a heavy-duty garden hoe. (A good one-hand hoe can be helpful, too.) The light-duty hoe helps you control early weeds before they become a problem; its heavy-duty cousin tackles the areas where you didn't quite keep up with your good intentions. Together, they truly humble the ordinary hardware-store hoe—and make weeding almost fun. (For ordering information, see " MOM's Marketplace ").

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