Growing Raspberries from Planting to Harvest

| 10/11/2017 11:28:00 AM

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Raspberries are best grown in a sunny, sheltered position, but they will also produce fruit in partial shade. Raspberries need rich, moisture retentive soil, and will thrive in cool climates.

How to Plant Raspberries

Plant 1-year-old raspberry canes from late fall in milder areas, or spring if you experience very cold winters.

Raspberry canes purchased in pots can be planted in individual holes, but it’s easier to dig a trench for bare-root canes then spread the roots of each cane out along the row. Space raspberry canes 18 inches apart, with about 4 feet between rows. Cut the canes back to 9 inches tall after planting to encourage new growth.

Supporting Raspberries

Drive in a pair of 6-foot tall upright posts on either end of your row of raspberries, and stretch strong galvanized wire between them. Two horizontal wires are sufficient to support fall-bearing raspberries, but three horizontal wires are required for summer-fruiting varieties.

Harvesting and Using Raspberries

Pick raspberries as soon as they have colored up all over. They should pull away easily from their central plug.

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