Grateful for Grapes 

Learn how to grow grapes and make grape jelly, jam, wine and more. Green Grapes on a Vine 


Learning how to grow grapes is easy, and the heart-healthy fruits can be used in a wide variety of recipes. Over the years, MOTHER EARTH NEWS has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about grapes, here’s a collection of our grape-based features divided into categories. If you want to learn the best grape varieties for your region as well as the best composting and pruning techniques, see How to Grow Grapes.  If you already have your grape supply and want to turn the fruits into something delicious and lasting, see How to Can, Dry and Press Grapes, Homemade Grape Wine, and Homemade Grape Juice and Soda. There are some uses for grape that don’t include eating, such as grape face masks and beautiful grapevine wreaths. For how-to-information on grape-related projects like these, see More Grape Ideas

How to Grow Grapes 

All About Growing Grapes 
By Barbara Pleasant 
Learn how to grow, trellis and prune the best grape varieties for your region so you can enjoy delicious, heart-healthy grapes in homemade jellies, jams, juice and wine.

Growing the Best Grapes E-Handbook
By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors 
Grapes are among the most desirable and best known fruits on earth, prized for its beauty, succulent flavor and its role as a source of wine, fresh juices and tasty jellies.

Growing Grapes Is Easy
By Nan K. Chase 
As The Encyclopedia of Organic Growing puts it, "Of all the fruits grown in America, grapes are the most widely adapted to varying soils and climates. Our first settlers found grapes growing from the coast of Maine to Florida and inland to the Rockies." Good and good for you, grapes will grow just about anywhere.