Find Your MOTHER EARTH NEWS Facebook Community

“Like” your state or province’s MOTHER EARTH NEWS page on Facebook and you’ll be able to exchange tips, tales and tidings with your new online friends.

| February/March 2014

Have you longed to meet like-minded homesteaders and wiser-living advocates in your area? Have you wanted to find out about neighborhood seed swaps and harvest parties, read local environmental action alerts, and seek or share gardening advice? Maybe you’ve pondered how to sell your surplus garlic or hope to find a new home for that tractor you no longer use?

Good news: Now you can do all of those things in one place, via the 60 state and province Facebook pages MOTHER EARTH NEWS has created for you, our readers. Minnesotans can strike up chats with other Minnesotans, Alabamians with Alabamians. Beginners can ask questions; local experts can offer answers. Expect humor and, sometimes, spirited debate.

We invite you to join the fun! To find your area’s page, log in to Facebook and type “MOTHER EARTH NEWS” plus your state or province into the Facebook search bar. You should see the official title of the page (for example, Kansas Community — MOTHER EARTH NEWS). Select the page to open it and see a beautiful illustration of your state or province bird and flower.

If you’re already a Facebook user, you know what to do next. After you “Like” your state or province’s page, Facebook will begin publishing some of the page’s posts to your News Feed. To share your own state-related news, advice or questions, simply post in the status bar on your state page. Your additions and others’ will then show up under “Recent Posts by Others.”

If you don’t yet use Facebook, consider giving it a try. We’ve prepared a guide for how to join and use Facebook, available at Connect With MOTHER EARTH NEWS on Facebook, to help you get started.

Our editors will supervise the state and province pages, but it’s up to you, the local users, to nurture your community’s page and help it reach its full potential. Our goal is for these pages to be primarily about local news and networking. Imagine the camaraderie you can build with neighbors near and far while chatting over the virtual fence about your gardens, animals, DIY projects and more. MOTHER EARTH NEWS will post seasonal advice from our Archive and from organizations we work with, as well as important or interesting news we spot that’s specific to your area. We’ll also notify you of sweepstakes and special prices on our top wiser-living books. And we won’t neglect one of the best things about Facebook: the opportunity to share terrific photos and videos of cool houses and DIY projects, incredibly cute animals, and nature’s ever-inspiring beauty.

1/29/2014 7:55:31 AM

It is a great idea to have FB pages for each state. What are the plans to have more states pages on FB? I noticed there are so few right now. I am looking for one for SC. Thank you, Jackie Morris

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