Everyday Families Growing Their Own Vegetables

| 4/19/2011 11:56:01 AM

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Families can now grow chemical and pesticide-free vegetables with minimal time and minimal investment in the backyard.

green housesWilmington, NC – Everyday families can now provide much of their fresh vegetables using Aquaponics.
Aquaponics is the production of edible fish and vegetables growing in a drought proof, no weed, back
saving growing system. The fish supply the fertilizer for the plants to grow, the plants, naturally
occurring beneficial bacteria and composting worms clean the water for the fish.
Aquaponics is a water miser, any water not used by the plants is returned to the fish tank. This water
can be used indefinitely and only has to be replaced when lost through transpiration and evaporation.
Raised grow beds help keep you from over stressing your back, and the grow beds are 100% weed-free as everything grows in rock and not in dirt which also makes for a major reduction in bugs and pests.
Tomatoes as low as 10 cents each, Bell Peppers as low as 8 cents each this and more with aquaponics.
Add a greenhouse and grow clean healthy fish and fresh vegetables all year.
Low maintenance, educational and most of all FUN!!
Just think, walk out your back door and pick a vine rippened tomato and fresh green pepper, grab a
cucumber and some lettuce and presto, instant salad for right around 50 cents
For additional information, email me at ap@theaquaponicsgarden.com or visit

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