Grow an Early Garden Using Peat Pellets

Learn how to use this quick start method as an easy and organic way to start an early garden using peat pellets.

| March/April 1971

Learn how to grow an early garden using peat pellets.

Start an Early Garden Using Peat Pellets

I handed the nursery store salesman $11.59 and received only a small box, light enough to carry under one arm, in return. That little box, he assured me, contained all the supplies I needed to start 250 garden plants indoors.

It was difficult to believe. I had gone to town that cold, late winter morning intending to spend twenty dollars or more on a long list of fertilizers, potting soil, peat moss, sand, pots, trowels and other planting needs. I had pictured myself carrying heavy bags to the basement, mixing soil, filling containers, trying to keep track of numerous accessories and doing extensive clean up after each planting session.

Now, I felt cheated. All I had was this little box of pellets, tiny discs of compressed peat held together with plastic net stockings. No pots needed, no mixing, no messes to clean up; just add water for — presto — a ready-to-plant, complete indoor growing environment. Well, I'd see!

At home I went straight to the dining room table (instead of the basement) and measured the peat pellets: A mere one and three-quarters inches in diameter by about five-sixteenths of an inch thick. Eight of the discs fit perfectly into trays made by cutting half-gallon milk cartons in two, lengthwise.

Planting Peat Pellets

I added warm water to the pellets and, in about three minutes, they had risen to a height of approximately two inches. Well, what do you know. Convenience does have its interesting moments even for gardeners who, like myself, normally prefer the old-fashioned ways of doing things!

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