DIY Watering System for Vegetable or Flower Gardens

| 4/17/2017 10:45:00 AM

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One of the most important aspects of growing your own veggies is proper watering. On a recent trip to Virginia in March I met Scott and Susan Hill of Hill Farm. This retired couple turned retirement into a profitable farm venture. Susan is a master of the growing and accounting part of the operation and Scott is the architect, maintenance man, and everything else guy. Scott was a helicopter maintenance test pilot in the Army before retiring. His skills in fluid dynamics shine in Hill Farm’s dual watering systems.

 Hill Farm hi-tunnel

One of the high tunnel growing houses at Hill Farm

This low cost system design was inspired by the Israelis, and Scott Says, “If it’s designed by the Israelis, you know it’s going to work.” At Hill Farm these dual watering systems are used in the raised garden beds, as well as the in-ground beds. One part of the system is a soaker hose and the other part is drip irrigation. This dual system makes the best use of their well water and grows an amazing crop month-after-month, all year long.

 Hill Farm crops

Crops with only the soaker hose in use

To build a dual watering system for each growing bed is simple and affordable. The parts needed are:

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