Beekeeping How-To: Day 1

| 5/20/2014 8:59:00 AM

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You've read the Organic Beekeeping book cover to cover, pages dogeared and highlighted.  Your family has tired of watching the Natural Beekeeping documentary on PBS. The phone rings clear and excited, it's your local post office!  Your bees are here and one has already escaped. Your heart races at the thought of the new endeavor, the science in motion and the honey - oh the honey. Now What?

Step 1: Leave your 4-yea- old at home with Dad for vehicular safety on the windy steep dirt road drive.

Step 2: Pick up your bees and discuss at length with staff and postal customers at the friendly tiny Lenore Idaho post office.

Step 3: Drive home excitedly with screened bee box safely installed in a plastic tote, escapee clinging nervously to the outside of the box.

Step 4: Gather supplies and make 1:1 sugar syrup in a spray bottle. Collect your veil, smoker, gloves, lighter, sprayer, hive tool and instructions at previously set up hive.

Step 5: Gently carry package of bees to hive site.

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