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Choose a Dandelion Weeder: Pulling Weeds, Not Your Back

Dandelion Help 

With a name that means lion’s tooth, it’s no wonder dandelions can be a real beast to tame. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the screwdriver-shaped garden weeder of yore, which required hopping weed to weed and constant bending over. A dandelion weeder lets you dig deep in the ground and remove the weed’s lengthy taproot (which can run more than a foot deep in the ground), all while standing up, thus preventing a serious strain on your back. Here are a few popular dandelion pullers to assist in your chemical-free gardening:

Oswego GW-1 Grandpa’s Weeder: Invented in 1913, this is the original deep-rooted standing weed puller. Simple, but efficient, and modestly priced at $19.99.

Fiskars Triple Claw Weeder: A step up from the Grandpa’s weeder, technologically speaking. Its three serrated, stainless-steel claws snatch the root out of ground, and the “easy-eject mechanism” lets you discard the weed without bending over to do so by hand ($29.99).

Garden Weasel Weedpopper Step and Twist: Don’t be fooled by its pogo-stick physique: When it comes to weed removal, this is one mean weasel. The T-top handle helps you twist the tines directly around the weed, minimizing the damage to the surrounding soil. And at around $25, it’s a nice middle ground between the Grandpa and the Triple Claw.

Below are helpful video demonstrations of each weeder.







Photo from Fotolia