Choose a Dandelion Weeder: Pulling Weeds, Not Your Back

| 6/2/2011 10:37:25 AM

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Dandelion Help 

With a name that means lion’s tooth, it’s no wonder dandelions can be a real beast to tame. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the screwdriver-shaped garden weeder of yore, which required hopping weed to weed and constant bending over. A dandelion weeder lets you dig deep in the ground and remove the weed’s lengthy taproot (which can run more than a foot deep in the ground), all while standing up, thus preventing a serious strain on your back. Here are a few popular dandelion pullers to assist in your chemical-free gardening:

Oswego GW-1 Grandpa’s Weeder: Invented in 1913, this is the original deep-rooted standing weed puller. Simple, but efficient, and modestly priced at $19.99.

Fiskars Triple Claw Weeder: A step up from the Grandpa’s weeder, technologically speaking. Its three serrated, stainless-steel claws snatch the root out of ground, and the “easy-eject mechanism” lets you discard the weed without bending over to do so by hand ($29.99).

Garden Weasel Weedpopper Step and Twist: Don’t be fooled by its pogo-stick physique: When it comes to weed removal, this is one mean weasel. The T-top handle helps you twist the tines directly around the weed, minimizing the damage to the surrounding soil. And at around $25, it’s a nice middle ground between the Grandpa and the Triple Claw.

Below are helpful video demonstrations of each weeder.

2/11/2016 7:20:53 AM

About 5 years ago I decided to create an upright weeding tool that would not only remove the weed but eject it directly into the waste bin. The Weed Zinger doesn't just toss the weed into the shoots it several feet. I propel weeds 10-15' with a casual swinging of the arm. I would like very much to send you one of my Weed Zingers so that you could evaluate it for yourself. They sell very well on QVC but we are still very much unknown to the general public. Considering that this is a tool that seniors and children both love to use I think i deserves at least a look. I would love to send you a sample. Regards, David Weaver

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