Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as 21st-Century Cornerstones

| 6/17/2015 4:23:00 PM

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Pharoah Temple Cornerstone 

Over the last decades, many people in all parts of the world have come to recognize Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) as a vehicle for approaching land, food, labor, environment and community in a healthier way.

Now, in an era with increasing shadows of environmental catastrophe, it’s time to expand exponentially the CSA vision and reality. The opportunity is before us.

What is Community-Supported Agriculture?

CSA is a social and economic arrangement in which communities – neighborhoods, churches, workplaces, and so forth – willingly share responsibility with specific farmers for producing, delivering, enjoying and honoring the food that sustains them. The community supports the farm, and the farm supports the community.

In theory and generally in practice, the associations integral to CSA foster mutual respect. CSA has thus emerged as a dynamic pathway linking human beings and their communities directly in free-will association with nearby farms and the farmers who cultivate the earth on their behalf.

These farmers may rightly be regarded as our ambassadors to the earth. Rather than making war on nature, they strive to cooperate intelligently and thereby maintain respectful relations. They are making an important and positive difference in the world. Much more is necessary. Much more is possible.

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