Control Grasshoppers Naturally

| 2/3/2015 12:31:00 PM

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The devastation of grasshoppers has been legend for eons. Grasshoppers are locusts and we all recall the 10 plagues of Egypt in biblical times. The plague of locusts was the eighth plague and ate every living plant in sight.

Ah, grasshoppers! They can be devastating to a garden even in modern times. Grasshoppers can chomp down an entire crop in a day or two. There are several natural ways to help control them besides going on a daily grasshopper hunt.

We keep a bird feeder close to the garden and have minimal problems with grasshoppers. Bluebirds, sparrows and larks love grasshoppers. Other critters that love grasshoppers are snakes, toads, ducks, guinea and chickens. I have noticed several toads in our garden. You can also get some really fun toad houses for the garden!

Grasshoppers also hate the smell and taste of garlic. Make garlic water and spray on plants to repel the grasshoppers from your garden.

Planting deterrent plants like calendula or cilantro around the edge of your garden can help keep them away. Professional gardeners use cilantro around the edge of their gardens. Calendula is pretty and edible.

11/29/2015 11:26:49 AM

Maybe you have grasshoppers with different tastes from those in the Caribbean where I live but the 'hoppers here have just done a number of my culantro (cilantro family) crop! The oil, water, soap, garlic and habanero pepper spray is being prepared right now!

2/10/2015 2:00:05 AM

Of course my chickens help tremendously and I too have a bird feeder near by. Amazing when the hoppers are all over the neighbors and you can only find a few on our acre. No sprays or poison. Even the dog likes to catch grasshoppers.

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