Container Planting On 10 Acres

| 6/17/2014 11:45:00 AM

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Beginnings of a Container GardenYou’d think that if you have some 10 acres you’d have a wonderful fields full of fresh vegetables and fruits. You’d think you’d have a simple way to create an awesome garden. And if you live where I live, you’d be wrong.

Oh sure, there are lots of people with gardens here in Montana. And the city I live near is aptly named “the Garden City,” which is why I even tried to put in great gardens every year.

They don’t do so hot. Why? Because I live on the side of a mountain where everything is rock. Even when I bring dirt in, the results are mediocre. But I want a garden because one cannot live on goat’s milk, cheese, and meat alone. Oh, I suppose I could, but it would get difficult.

Growing In Containers

Part of the problem is that we’re more than 400 feet up from the valley floors. And at this latitude, that means something. We become a Zone 3 or 4 in the winter, making our growing seasons short and makes things like tomatoes and basil scream for hotter days. I’ve planted things like eggplant and tomatoes in my garden and haven’t seen anything good with them. Put them in a container on my porch and they’re happy and producing.

So, I’ve broken down and given up. I’m putting my peppers, eggplant, and herbs in the containers and planning on creating a pallet garden for the lettuce and other plants. I may, however, plant potatoes in the garden just to have them.

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