Composting FAQs Answered

| 4/17/2016 12:43:00 PM

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Different Types of Composters

Clockwise from top left: a 5-gallon bucket composter, a tumbling composter, a leaf-mold composting bin made from chicken wire, a worm composting system, or vermicompost, an uncontained heap on the ground piling the material together and finally a pallet composter. 

I often get asked questions like "How easy is it to compost stuff?" and "How can I do it?” The answer is that composting is easy, it just takes time, and yes, you can compost, too.

There are many types of composting methods available for the urban homesteader or gardening enthusiast — from fermentation bins called Bokashi systems that allow you to compost cooked foods, fish, dairy and meat, to vermicomposting, or worm composting systems, and everything in between.

How Easy Can Composting Be Incorporated into My Family's Routine?

What works for my family is having a lidded bucket in the kitchen that the compostable waste goes into. We used to have a large bowl, but we go through a lot of vegetable scraps. We would make several trips out to the heap if I was making soup.

Think about how much kitchen waste you typically generate and how often you are willing to go empty the crock or bucket — this will help you decide what type of waste container you want. In our house, it's once a week so we have a large bucket.

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