High-Tech Scarecrows: Compact Discs Scare Birds From the Garden

Scarecrows made of compact discs scare birds from the garden, simply save up free CD's you get in the mail and create a hanging scarecrow in the garden for free.

| October/November 2000

Use free CD's to make a scarecrow, these shiny compact discs scare birds from the garden. 

My husband's chickens and guinea hens just wouldn't stay out of my garden and flower beds. I found a way to keep them out, as well as the birds that wouldn't stay out of my fruit trees. At least once a week we receive a CD with some Internet offer. We used to just throw them out, but I found that the bright and shiny side reflects light and produces a prism of colors as they wave in the wind and the compact discs scare birds from the garden. These fluttering distractions keep the birds away, both domestic and wild. I used fence stretch bars to hang them on. The material CDs are made from is pliable and can be bent and drilled without trouble. It's not only galvanized (thus rust-resistant), but it's also free.

Phyllis Mattena
Pine Canyon, UT

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