Chemical-Free Home Orchards, Part 2, Holistic Sprays

| 2/6/2017 4:06:00 PM

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If we want healthy fruit trees and beautiful, abundant fruit—all without chemicals—then holistic sprays are the answer. Routinely using holistic sprays results in much less disease and way-more fruit.

My first experience with anything similar to “holistic sprays” was when making cheddar cheese from our Dutch Belted cows’ milk. After pressing the curds, there remains an abundance of whey which contains sugar (lactose) and live bacteria (lactobacilli). There are many uses for this healthy combination, but the summer I poured whey on tomato plants was the summer I woke up to the potential of holistic sprays. The tomatoes doubled in size and number and no longer were bothered by fungal disease.

Excited to see what this sugar and bacteria combination could do, I began making compost tea. Learn how to make your own here. Wow! Vegetables and flowers got much bigger and stayed healthy until the first heavy frost.

You could say I was a convert before ever reading Michael Phillips’ The Holistic Orchard book and his instructions for holistic fruit tree sprays. His book can be purchased here. After five years of using this mixture on our fruit trees, I was again amazed by the results. Without the use of any chemicals, we now have beautiful fruit and healthy trees. Our only problem now is what to do with all the fruit!

Holistic sprays work by boosting the immune response of trees and increasing the growth of both trees and their fruit. Let’s look at all their ingredients to better understand how they support fruit trees. After that, I’ll include Phillips’ recipe and spraying schedule for fruit trees. Phillips’ book is an excellent reference, but he’s quite the philosopher and I find it helpful to have the information in the following condensed form:

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