MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac: Building Tree Trunk Stairs, Camp Stool and Hand Hoe

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac shares information on building tree trunk stairs, camp stool, an eggshell funnel, kitchen chopping board, recipe book holder, hand hoe and workshop tools.

| March/April 1978

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac helps you learn about building tree trunk stairs, a kitchen chopping board, recipe book holder and more.

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac: Building Tree Trunk Stairs, Camp Stool and Hand Hoe

Build a Camp Stool

Now's the time to get your camping gear ready for warm weather, and fold-up stools are one of the convenient "luxuries" you won't want to do without.

Make four legs ("I" square by 18 1/2 two top pieces (1 1/8 inch square by 11 inch), and two lower rails (both 3/4 inch square, one 8 1/2 inch and one 10 1/2 inches long) from any sturdy wood you have handy.

Shape the leg ends as shown in the sketch, so they'll fit into 5/8 inch holes you've bored in the top pieces. (The centers of the slots should be 7 5/8 inches apart in one bar and 9 5/8 inches in the other.) In the same way, the lower rails should be fitted into 1/2 inch cavities drilled 2 1/2 inches from the bottom of each leg.

Next, construct the joints by boring a hole in the middle of each leg. Insert a bolt through the two crossed legs and rivet it over washers with one washer placed between the legs (see sketch).

Finally, stretch 1/2 yard of 11-inch-wide material over the top and securely nail it to the underside of the upper wooden pieces. Then finish the wood as you desire.

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