Building Better Soil Receives Exclusive U.S. Distribution Rights

| 9/19/2012 12:24:50 PM

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Building BetterSoil announces that it has received exclusive rights to market and distribute two formulas of an all-natural, organic blend of microbes designed to enhance the nutritive value of soil in all growing conditions. Soil Life will be sold through retail channels and via social media sites. A more highly concentrated form will be sold commercially to landscapers, growers and nurseries under the brand name Soil Flora.

Building Better Soil President Tim Blacke could not be more elated about the news that his small start-up company has been granted exclusive U.S. rights to market and distribute Soil Life and Soil Flora. The products contain a proprietary blend of 18 bacterial microbes and 3 fungi in two concentrate formulas designed for residential and commercial use, respectively. "Our goal is simple and twofold: one, to build a better world from the ground up; and two, to empower people to take ownership of our role as environmental stewards within our homes and communities." Blacke successfully negotiated the deal last month with San Antonio, TX-based manufacturer Micro-TES, Inc., maker of a broad line of non-pathogenic, naturally-occurring microbial-based products for commercial and agricultural sectors.

"Soil Life and Soil Flora are safe, cost-effective, simple to use, and deliver consistently outstanding plant growth within virtually any soil type," states Blacke. "All natural and highly effective alternatives to chemical soil additives are now within the reach of any homeowner, grower and landscaper in the U.S."

When used as directed, Soil Life and Soil Flora release a flood of microbes that naturally enhance the processes within the soil that support vigorous plant growth. The proprietary blend is the result of over 20 years and millions of dollars spent on discovery and development. "We believe we have found in this combination of microbes the ideal enhancer for all soil types and growing conditions," says Blacke.

"We are so confident in the consistency of performance, that we actually guarantee at least 25 percent less fertilizer will be needed and watering requirements will drop by at least 10 percent when these products are used as directed," declares Blacke. "In many or even most cases, we expect that the product will actually more than pay for itself, when compared to the cost of fertilizing and watering less nutrition-dense soil."

Soil Life is available in several convenient sizes on the Infinagreen website and through major social media outlets. Soil Flora is available to commercial landscapers and growers via the Building Better Soil website and social media sites. Plans are underway to develop a nationwide network of retail and commercial dealers, as well as lucrative fundraising opportunities for church and non-profit groups.

Don Jackson
9/21/2012 3:15:40 PM

Interested in more information about Soil Life and Soil Flora? As mentioned in the press release, is our corporate site and is the resource site for Soil Flora. Soil Life is supported at Or, feel free to e-mail or for more information. We will be happy to answer questions and help determine how Soil Life and Soil Flora can meet your lawn and gardening needs, and for professional landscapers how Soil Flora can help build your business. Thanks, Don.

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