Build a Better Earthworm Home

Use this method to build a better earthworm home and supply your garden with earthworms to aerate your garden soil.

| April/May 2000

Build a better earthworm home with this easy technique to grow earthworms in your garden. 

Perhaps you would like to tell your readers about a plan to build a better earthworm home. A neighbor used this method in her small garden in 1964: Open up the side and bottom of a gunnysack, lay it on the ground and throw your dishwater on the sack for a few days, and you will have worms.

Also, for a budget food, have you heard of comfrey (also called Russian comfrey)? It's wonderful for greens; one leaf will feed a family of five. It sends its roots down eight feet, is good silage for animals and it's a great healer food also. If I recall correctly, one acre of comfrey can be cut to cover 14 acres after two years.

Edith S. Mudgett
Wilmington, NC
(Country Lore, May 1971)

Gail Harris
1/26/2013 3:01:10 AM

we fgured a pond of wrms eats about three ponds of grass and vegtable peelings ina week,at least it seems like it we grow all kinds of greens an get over ripe bananaspop the ends so they can dig down into the pulp,i just cant belive how fast or fat they get,I will tell you this never put meats or breads in your compost ,youl be over taken by aints ,and yhey will eat up all your worms in just a few days,so feed them good an keep it turnd over watch them feel up you box/tub .i also use my worm bed to start out some of my veggie an flower seeds ,put the seeds in cover with plastc for a week or so slowly roll it back each day till you can tance plaint ,just aboutanything will grow for u in that rich dirt now!happy gardening now.

Gail Harris
1/26/2013 2:41:31 AM

i grow red worms,my husband built me a wooden box 3ft wd,by 4ft long.all we did was put all veggie scraps into it an fruit peels of all kin then grass clippins,i then would turn every oyher day ,too my supprize my mom came to visit ,she was raking it around an there was so many baby red worms ,you could pick up a hand full ,i tell every one it must have been GOD who put them there i surly didnt.but the make good gardening an i dont have to buy fish bait anymoreand anybody whoe needs some gets them.

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