Blending Vegetable Peelings for Liquid Compost in the Garden

A MOTHER reader discovers blending vegetable peelings for liquid compost makes easy work of adding nutrients to the soil and in turn producing wonderful benefits for the garden.

| February/March 2002

Blending vegetable peelings for liquid compost makes composting easy by digging holes in the garden and pouring in the compost directly. 

I have been gardening for many years, and as I've grown older, I've had to figure out new ways to do some things because of back trouble. I am a firm believer in composting, and as the years passed I got to the place where I couldn't turn over the pile. Since I'm an idea person, I came up with a solution that works well for me.

When I have vegetable peelings and other non-meat scraps that I used to put in my compost pile, now I just run them through my blender, blending vegetable peelings for liquid compost makes composting easy. I use rainwater for the liquid, because I don't use chemicals of any kind on my garden. The peelings are coarse, but afterward everything is nicely pureed. This can be dumped right on your garden. I prefer to dig holes, put it in and cover it up. My son is obliging when he visits and digs me 25 to 30 holes, which last me quite a while. Using holes cuts down on the chance of encountering bad odors during warm weather. With this method anyone can do composting and get the wonderful benefits for their garden.

Winnie Schuetz
Tilden, Illinois

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