Bird-X Changes the Pest Control Industry With Green, Humane, Eco-Friendly Solutions

| 7/6/2011 10:17:24 AM

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CHICAGO, IL, - Bird-X, Inc., a leader in producing humane pest and bird repellent products since 1964, is raising the bar even higher for the pest control industry, offering ‘green’ solutions for every pest and bird problem. Research shows that, in the long-term, teaching pests to stay away is more effective than killing pests. Plus, avoiding dangerous chemical pesticides and cruel traps is much better for the reputation of the user. It looks like ‘Kill-Trap-Poison’ is no longer the only industry philosophy.

The Risks of Using Pesticides and Traps:
-Exposure to chemical pesticides can result in severe illness and even death
-Chemical pesticides are especially risky when used around children and pets
-Chemical pesticides can compromise the quality/safety of items stored on the premises
-Chemical pesticides pose risks to wildlife and can cause ecological damages
-Pests become resistant to chemical pesticides over time, requiring increased usage
-Killing pests can actually result in population growth (having more food available per pest attracts pests from other areas and increases breeding rates)
-Poisoned pests often crawl into small spaces to die, leaving awful smells in unreachable areas
-Traps leave animal carcasses—or worse, injured and dying animals—on property
-Allegations of poisonings or animal cruelty are a public relations nightmare
-Poisons and traps do nothing to keep pests away…it’s a never-ending battle

For the past few decades, the public has been demanding safer products and ‘green’ alternatives in EVERY industry. Bird-X responded by developing pest and bird control solutions that are humane, eco-friendly and extremely effective. These products protect the users’ property while protecting the environment and its inhabitants as well.

‘Green’ Bird Control  

Bird-X offers solutions for every bird problem, every area, and every budget. Exclusion bird netting is designed to protect large areas like warehouse ceilings, rafters, vineyards, and bridges. Bird spikes are ideal for protecting surfaces like rooftops, ledges, and beams. Bird Proof Gel is an almost invisible solution, ideal for high-profile surfaces like window sills, signs, or statues.

Bird-X also offers bird control products that attack the senses, using the birds’ instinctual fear of predators to teach them to stay away for good. Visual scares like 3-D predator replicas are affordable options for large open areas. The Bird Blazer is the world’s first indoor laser bird repellent device. Plus, Bird-X carries an extensive line of sonic (audible) devices that use bird distress calls and predator sounds to deter birds, as well as ultrasonic (silent to humans) devices that emit frequencies to keep pest birds away.

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