Biodynamic Gardening

An in-depth look at the biodynamic gardening method. 

| March/April 1984

PLOWBOY: Can you tell us about the specific biological techniques you've worked out for your orchard? What do you use instead of the conventional sprays and fertilizers? 

THOMSON: We first treated the land with a biodynamic field spray developed by Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, the renowned biochemist and biodynamic pioneer. 

A Plowboy Interview with A.P Thomson. 

RITA: Often cash grain farmers will ask us what they can use to make compost, since they don't have a source of manure. We tell them that decomposed cornstalks can produce as good a compost as any barnyard manure, especially if you use the BD starter. 

PLOWBOY: What is BD starter? 

RITA: It is an inoculant that has 55 strains of bacteria in it . . . we've found that it can decompose just about anything. 

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