Best in the Interior South: Better Boy Tomatoes and Black Cherry Tomatoes

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Better Boy tomatoes and Black Cherry tomatoes are two varieties that grow well in the Interior South gardening region.

Released in 1971, ‘Better Boy’ tomatoes are a Southern classic because of their flavor, vigor, and tendency to produce bumper crops, no matter what the season brings. Warm, humid summers make disease resistance crucial for Southern-grown tomatoes. It can be found in vigorous hybrids as well as many smaller-fruited heirlooms, such as ‘Amish Paste,’ ‘Stupice,’ and ‘Black Cherry’ tomatoes. ‘Stupice’ has earned high ratings for flavor and productivity in organic field trials conducted by North Carolina State University.

Slicer Tomatoes

1. ‘Better Boy’
2. ‘Brandywine’
3. ‘Big Boy’

Also: ‘Celebrity,’ ‘Cherokee Purple,’ ‘Early Girl’

Cherry Tomatoes

1. ‘Super Sweet 100’
2. ‘Sungold’
3. ‘Black Cherry’

Also: ‘Sweet Million’


1. ‘Roma’
2. ‘Amish Paste’
3. ‘San Marzano’

Also: ‘Opalka’

Really Big Ones

1. ‘Beefsteak’
2. ‘Mortgage Lifter’
3. ‘Brandywine’

Also: ‘Park’s Whopper,’ ‘Better Boy’


1. ‘Yellow Pear’
2. ‘Roma’
3. ‘Juliet’

Also: ‘Red Pear,’ ‘Red Fig’


1. ‘Cherokee Purple’
2. ‘Black Krim’
3. ‘Green Zebra’

Also: ‘Lemon Boy,’ ‘Persimmon’

Neighborly Advice

“Move your veggies each year, especially tomatoes. They will tell you where they like to be in the garden.”

Michael Rock
Spartanburg, South Carolina

“I start seeds inside in February. In early March, when I’m sure I’ll have enough seedlings to transplant, I scatter some extra seeds outside in the garden bed. The germination rate is low, but any of those seeds that sprout and grow seem to be the best producers.”

K. Hulen
Collierville, Tennessee

“My tomatoes grow great in raised beds. My old-timer neighbors admire my tomatoes and have built their own raised beds.”

Kimberley Garrison
York, South Carolina

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