World’s Best Gardening Clogs

| 8/31/2012 7:06:48 PM

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I (and most of the gardeners I know) frown upon cheaply made gardening tools. Why buy or use something that I’m only going to have to replace next year? That would not only be frustrating, but a waste of resources. Until recently, I never really thought much about how my outlook on tools carries over to my thoughts on gardening footwear. But it does — and it should.

Now, I’m not going to lie: On some sunny days you may find me in my garden with no socks or shoes on at all. But when I’m out there doing real work (which is often), I usually wear gardening clogs. I’ve tried Gardening Clogssome cheaply made clogs before, and they weren’t especially comfortable and didn’t stand up to my heavy use at all.

For the past two years, however, my feet have finally found a home in some gardening clogs that feel like a dream and that I’m pretty sure will stand up to a lifetime of hoeing, broadforking, digging, weeding and walking. These clogs, made by BOGS Footwear, are easy to slip on and off. They don’t rub at all on the tops of my feet as I work because of the stretchy material you can see on both sides of each clog. I even keep these shoes on when I’m running errands (you never know when you’ll need to make a quick trip to the garden center) or taking a walk around the neighborhood. They’re more comfortable than some pairs of tennis shoes I’ve owned!

If you’ve been looking for a good pair of gardening or work shoes, I highly recommend these BOGS clogs. They’d also make a nice gift for the gardener or homesteader in your life. The exact style of clogs I have is called “Rue,” but they have dozens of styles of clogs and boots for guys, gals and kids.

Happy growing! Your arms may get tired, but hopefully your feet will stay feeling pretty good out there.

Shelley Stonebrook is MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine’s main gardening editor. She’s passionate about growing healthy, sustainable food and taking care of our environment. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and .

sue sherrill
10/14/2012 3:04:21 PM

If it's made in China, I DON'T BUY IT!

jeanne lipham
9/10/2012 6:55:34 PM

Thank you, Jean. We "Jeans" must stick together...

jean eberly
9/8/2012 9:36:52 PM

Thank you, I agree completely.

9/7/2012 3:59:58 PM

I LOVE my Bean Boots rubber moc, maybe the same thing--it's a low version of the bootsI I NEVER buy anything from China

9/7/2012 3:09:18 PM

I highly recommend LL Bean's gumshoes, a low version kof their Bean Boots. They last forever, ship for free, have a great satisfaction guarantee, AND they are made in Maine in teh good ol' US of A!

jeanne lipham
9/4/2012 5:29:41 PM

Except that they are made in China. Not good environmentally or human rights-wise.Until China changes many of its policies on human rights, stops spying on our military, and we lower our debt with them, this gal will not be purchasing anything from them. In addition, we should be supporting local (US) businesses to help our economy and lessen our environmental impact (a lot of natural resouces are used when importing).

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