7 Benefits of Growing a Victory Garden

| 12/17/2013 12:32:00 PM

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From the more practical, money-saving side of things, to controlling your own destiny, the benefits of a victory garden are many.

Gardening for Personal GratificationGrowing A Victory Garden

There is nothing, nothing so gratifying as walking out your back door to cut some lettuce, pick a tomato, and dig up some carrots to throw together a salad.

You know that the food was grown in sustainable conditions. You know that the laborer was treated fairly. You know you're not eating poison in the form of pesticides and herbicides. You know that it took zero fossil fuel energy resources (no gas and no oil are used in transport) to get your food to your plate. It just takes the energy you spent walking into your backyard!

Save Money: Grow Your Food

Skyrocketing food costs are due in part to the increase in gas and oil prices.The vast majority of our food isn't even coming from within our states, and all that food has to get to your store somehow. The food you eat is often shipped from farms and factories all over the country, sometimes even all over the world! New studies show that more than 40 percent of food is thrown away before it even gets to the consumer, much of that because of spoilage during transit.

Local food advocate Joel Salatin writes on the subject, “The average morsel of food sees more of America than the farmer who grows it, traveling fifteen hundred miles from field to fork.

Growing your own food on your property cuts out the middleman. You can take pride in knowing that very little food is wasted when you grow it yourself. You also don't have to pay the farmer, the truck driver, the gas company, the cashier, the produce manager, or any one else.You only pay yourself, and you get paid in a glorious bounty of food — best paycheck ever!

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