Bats: Every Gardeners Best Friend, Part 1

| 1/29/2014 10:35:00 AM

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Bats In SkyBats.

Please. Try not to scream.

And poop.

This is a well-known combination to many organic gardeners. It’s also more commonly known as bat guano.

Bats have been feared as early as Dracula first came out on the big screen in 1931, incorporating a fear into the minds of the audience for blood-sucking creatures of the night. A few decades later, Stephen King paints a picture of bats in his book Cujo, where a bat transmits rabies to a family’s dog which then turns on its own family.

As more information is collected about bats, the better scientists understand the important role they play, both within cave ecosystems, forests, and entire food systems. Whether it is local and organic or global and industrial, bats are good. If a man’s best friend is a dog then a gardener’s best friend must be the bats. Someone needs to rewrite the script.

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