Attend the 4th-Annual Appalachian Seed Swap

| 3/15/2016 9:46:00 AM

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North America: a cauldron of diversity, a melting pot of culture and downright packed with rich history. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, North America unifies a beautiful blend of people from around the world. Along with the unique music, food, arts and ingenuity, this country also holds an ambition to keep preservation alive.

The breathtaking beauty of the rolling, fog-covered mountainous hills of Appalachia is as equally astounding as the spirited individuals who are taking on the role of caretakers for the region. The hauntingly beautiful sounds of the banjo and the grit associated with hill dwellers paints a picturesque image of Appalachian culture and the deep roots way of life.

When it comes to heritage food varieties, there has been a significant rise in the desire to keep heirloom seeds protected. In the Appalachian hills of Pikeville, Kentucky, one group of pioneering individuals are leading a movement. The folks that put on the Appalachian Seed Swap are committed to preserving heritage varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs and are leading the way in promoting seed sovereignty, preserving biodiversity, keeping hope alive and honoring generations before us.

Joyce Pinson has been advocating the good food movement for several decades. Joyce co-founded the Appalachian Seed Swap along with Charlie Pinson, Neil Hunt, and Cathy Rehmeyer, all active with the Pikeville Farmers Market, where farmers are proud to retail heirloom vegetables that have been passed down for generations here in the Kentucky coalfields.

Cathy Rehmeyer has done amazing work in the schools, and worked hard to help local farmers in several counties understand that four season gardening through the use of low-tunnels is not only doable, it is a low cost investment as compared to high tunnels — making it more easily implemented on limited budgets.

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