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Alpaca Gold Introduces Line of New Organic Fertilizer


Gardeners and people with house plants started to discover the huge benefits of this all natural 100% organic fertilizer, but could only find it at the mine site of Alpaca ranchers. (If they knew any.) Along came two individuals who recognized the benefits of this product and started Alpaca-Gold. A company dedicated to providing the public with a 100% natural fertilizer that works. No additives, no chemicals, and no negative effects on our environment, and no pollution. Try Alpaca Gold and see for yourself that it’s the most beneficial fertilizer you can buy. It is 100% safe for the environment, your family, and your pets.

Our current product line: 

Alpaca Gold Nuggets - For tilling into garden soil.

Alpaca Gold Placer - For broadcast spreading onto lawns. For mixing into soil when repotting indoor/outdoor plants and trees.

Alpaca Gold Dust - For routine fertilizing indoor plants.

Alpaca Tea Kit - For making up a liquid fertilizer.

Alpaca Gold Nugget Tree Ring - For placing around trees or bushes.

100% organic fertilizer registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Garden Centers of Colorado member.

Go to our website for pricing and links for the various uses of Alpaca-Gold. With any questions that you may have, contact us at the information below.

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