Accidents Happen

| 3/23/2016 5:09:00 PM

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broken wrist

Do you know how it is when things seem too good to be true? That’s the kind of day I was having on March 11. I was awake early, allowing time to take care of some computer work before I headed outside. It was a beautiful day and I planned on spending it in the garden. That all ended in the afternoon when I fell (not in the garden). Long story, short, I broke my wrist just about as bad as one can. Surgery on March 15 ensured that I will now be pulled aside in airports when I set off the metal detectors. You can find more details at Homeplace Earth.

Of course, this changes any plans I had for the next few months. However, I believe that we have to not take ourselves too seriously. If we have the mindset to stay flexible before things happen to change our plans, we will be better off. I will have to depend on help from others and, although they will ask me what I want done and how, the result might not be the same as when I do it myself.

On the other hand, sometimes we worry over details that don’t get done and find out that things worked out fine anyway. It is important to let go and let be. I will be practicing that a lot in the coming weeks.

The human body is an amazing thing. We can bang ourselves up, like I did, and we heal. I am already celebrating each new motion that I couldn’t do the day before. It will be an interesting journey. Miracles abound in this life, and not only with our bodies. Years ago I realized how similar the earth was to our bodies. When things are not in balance in the soil, everything else suffers and no amount of only looking at and treating the plants will fix things. Given the right conditions, the soil can heal itself.

Gardeners and homesteaders always have more ideas and plans than they can accomplish in one lifetime. My message here is to relax and enjoy the moment. As important as your plans seem, make sure you pay attention to those near you. Help others when the opportunity arises, not just when it is convenient. That way, it is more likely for helpers to appear when you are in need.

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