The Seasonal Almanac: Nature and Astronomical Events for June and July 2000

The Seasonal Almanac covers nature and astronomical events for June and July 2000.

| June/July 2000

Seasonal Almanac for December 1999 and January 2000

The Seasonal Almanac shares nature and astronomical events for June and July 2000.

June 2000

1 Marilyn Monroe born, 1926; Helen Keller dies, 1960, at age 87.

2 NEW MOON, 8:14 A.M. EDT; Grover Cleveland, while president, marries Frances Folsom, 1886.

3 Edward White spends 21 minutes out of capsule in first American spacewalk, 1965, as part of Gemini 4 mission; General Grant loses 6,000 men in one hour at Battle of Cold Harbor, 1864.

4 Henry Ford test-drives first Ford car in Detroit, 1896.

5 World Environment Day; first balloon flight, by Montgolfier brothers, 1783; Robert F Kennedy s shot in Los Angeles, 1968.

6 YMCA founded by George Williams in London, 1844; first drivein movie theater opens, in Camden, New Jersey, 1933.

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