Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Inviting Chickadees Into The Orchard

By Rebecca Harrold

Make chickadees feel at home in your orchard and enjoy the free pest control they provide your fruit trees.

How to Tell if a Community is Fit for the "Good Life"

By Toby Grotz

When you’re fed up with city life, and it’s finally time to move and join the movement back to a calmer, greener, and more supportive community, you will find a number that will meet your needs.

How Do Snakes Eat?

By Elizabeth Gatto

A brief explanation of how snakes consume their prey.

Let’s Get The Snake River Moving Again

By Darlene May Lee, Earth Law Center

Did you know rights of rivers already exist? Learn more about why Earth Law Center is advocating for the rights of rivers.


Photos from the Field: Lovely Waterfall Flows Over Rocky Outcrop

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Growing Renewable Resources

By Oscar H. Will III

The Editorial Director of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Rotational Grazing for At-Risk Birds

By Rebecca Harrold

Livestock grazing could minimize the drastic population declines experienced by many of the bird species that traditionally co-existing with farmers.

Containerized Trees and Shrubs

By Jessica Walliser

Use small trees and shrubs to add shade and structure to your container plantings.