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Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

How YOU Can Shape MOTHER EARTH NEWS Magazine

An editorial from MOTHER EARTH NEWS

More and more, readers are shaping the content of our magazine with active involvement in our advisory groups and social media by offering awesome feedback and ideas in all our categories.

The Art of Gravestone Rubbing

By Jerry Mack Johnson

Create your own gravestone rubbing and participate in a tradition that has occured for thousands of years.

Educational Vacations: U.S.S.R. Tour, South America Tour, and Kenya Safari

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

In 1979 the magazine was preparing several educational vacations, including a South America tour, tour of the USSR, and a Kenya safari.

Kitchen Medicine, Newspaper Logs, and Other Syndicated Features

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Pieces on kitchen medicine and homemade newspaper logs were among the stories originally presented in MOTHER EARTH NEWS that newspapers around the U.S. picked up as syndicated features.


A True Potato Seed, an Alternative Camp for Low-Income Families, Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest, and More

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

MOTHER EARTH NEWS celebrates activists, scientists, and ordinary folks working to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment. Originally published as "Profiles" in the July/August 1983 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Environmental News Items: Hells Canyon Dam, Death Valley Mining, and More

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

A report on a long-running battle over the proposed Hells Canyon Dam and pending legislation to protect Death Valley from mining are among the environmental news items excerpted from the Friends of the Earth newsletter.

Energy News: Solar Energy Development, Uranium Prices, and Energy From Garbage

By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

This installment of a regular energy news feature includes stories about a congressional report on solar energy development, rising uranium prices, and a plan to generate energy from garbage.

American Humor: The Story of the Missing Picnic Bottle Opener


The last laugh column shares MOTHER EARTH NEWS Plumtree boys and reader submitted regional American humor with other MOTHER readers. This issue the Plumbtree boys hear a story about a missing picnic bottle opener.