Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Is that a Rabbit or a Hare and What’s the Difference?

By Elizabeth Gatto

Rabbits and hares look incredibly similar and most people cannot tell the difference, which is fascinating because they are two entirely different species. Learn to identify them here.

Low-impact Options for a More Sustainable Wedding

By Marissa Hermanson, Larson Jewelers

If you’ve made a vow to reduce your carbon footprint, you and your beau can embrace sustainability on your big day, too. From saying “no” to shipping to cutting back on travel, you easily can throw a low-impact wedding celebration with environmental and social responsibility considered. Here are a few points of entry.

Jelt is Newly Classified as a Certified B Corporation


Jelt, a belt company that uses 100 percent recycled water bottles for their product, announces their status as a Certified B Corporation.


Cornell’s Springcasting Predicts Arrival of Spring

Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell’s Emergent Climate Rick Lab is stepping in to take Punxsutawney Phil’s job with their new Springcasting tool.

5 Green Tech Innovations at CES 2018 Trade Show

By Liam Kivirist, JDI Enterprises

Going green is getting easier, thanks to new innovations in green tech revealed at CES 2018, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world. Here's a roundup of a few green tech products that caught my attention and those of photographer John Ivanko.

The Saga Of Henrietta, The Broad-tail Hummingbird

By Bruce McElmurray

We had a broad-tail hummingbird that migrated back to us for over 11 years and we watched her closely and learned a great deal about hummingbirds.

Coconut Coir for Icy Paths

By Celeste Longacre

Coconut coir is far superior to sand in stabilizing icy paths. Read on to discover why.