Nature and Environment Articles

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Recognizing and Treating Victims in Shock

By Scott Finazzo

Learn how to recognize and treat victims of shock in case of a real emergency in your family or neighborhood.

Cutting Your Own Firewood

By Josh VanBrakle

Learn the best techniques and tips for cutting your own firewood.

6 Rules for Protecting the Land

By Josh VanBrakle

For the well-being of the environment, read up on these tips on protecting the land around you.

The Dangers of Ticks in the Woods

By Josh VanBrakle

When going into the woods, you may be more concerned about larger animals, but the real danger comes from one very small creature: ticks.


EU Fails to Prevent Illegal Eel Trafficking

PR Newswire

Despite fishing regulations put in place to protect the declining European eel population, millions of eels have already been illegally trafficked this season.

Renewable Copal Trees for Alebrije Carvings

By Charles M. Peters

Discover the colorful works of art produced by carving copal tree wood and the journey to obtain renewable trees.

Rising Sea Level Could Be Devastating

Will climate change be to blame for rising seas around the turn of the century?

Check the Warnings Before You Burn

By Annette McGivney

Follow the burning guidelines to avoid the environmental damages a fire can cause.