Nature and Environment Articles

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

The Significance of National Parks in America

By Joseph L. Sax

Discover why national parks in America can be considered monuments that stand as a testament to hard work and aspirations of Americans over generations throughout history.

Earth Law Center Speaking at EARTHx, the World’s Largest Environmental Conference

By Darlene May Lee, Earth Law Center

Darlene Lee discusses the ELC's participation and speaking at EARTHx conference.

Get Close to Nature in Ontario, Canada

By Chris Earley and Tracy C. Read

Learn about some of the beautiful places in nature hiding in Ontario, Canada. Look through the amazing photos and you may take your own trip this summer to visit some of the amazing parks, conservation areas, and wild places. Whether you’re looking for beaches or wildlife, find something for everyone.

Get Close to Nature in British Columbia, Canada

Learn about the beautiful parks, conservation areas, and wild places in British Columbia, Canada. After looking at all of the photography throughout the book, you may decide to visit for yourself. Find a hiking trail for adventure or sit back and relax next to soothing sounds of the falls.


Identify Poisonous Plants and Bugs

By Todd Davis

When you are wandering in the great outdoors, be sure you know which plants and bugs are safe, and which can be deadly poisonous.

Common Mistakes When Lighting a Fire

By Daniel Hume

Be sure to avoid these exceedingly common mistakes when lighting a fire.

Scientists Are Engineering Crops to Be Drought-Resistant: The Pros and Cons of That

By Kayla Matthews

Scientists have made significant progress in engineering drought-resistant crops, but there are pros and cons to that.

Replacing Poisons with Hawks for Rodent Control

Consortium Media

Ventura County in California has conducted a study that looks to replace the current poisons used to control wild rodent population with predator birds, such as hawks and owls.