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Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Hawaii Bans Toxic Sunscreen Ingredients

Environmental Working Group

Hawaii is taking steps to protect its residents and tourists by banning sunscreens that are made with specific harmful toxins.

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Bridal Shower

By Kara Kamenec

Bridal showers are a great excuse to gather with all the women in your life—but without careful consideration, they can often turn wasteful. (Think multiple garbage bags just from the wrapping paper alone.) Honor your values by making your celebration as green as possible and hosting a sustainable, natural bridal shower. Here’s how to get started.

DNA in Seawater Reveals Shark Presence

The PEW Charitable Trusts

Researchers have discovered that they can track the presence of sharks through DNA left behind in seawater.

Plastic Reaches Deepest Ocean Trenches

United Nations Environment Program

Single-use plastic has been discovered in the deepest trenches of our oceans, which are thousands of miles away from the mainland.


Hay Season Cycles

By Oscar H. Will III

The Editorial Director of MOTHER EARTH NEWS examines the ways of gathering hay that he’s tried through the years.

Photos from the Field: Wheat Fields Blanket Rolling Hills Below Cloudy Skies

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Wheat Genome Mapped

By Lydia Noyes

As scientists and farmer seek ways to make crops more drought resistant, a breakthrough in the wheat genome offers new information.

What Do Squirrels Do With Their Tails?

By Elizabeth Gatto

Explanation of the purpose and function of a Squirrel's Tail