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Biosolids: More Harm than Good, Part 2

By Lidia Epp

This is Part 2 of an interview with David Lewis, Ph.D. - formerly a senior-level research microbiologist at EPA-ORD. He currently serves as director of research for the Focus for Health Foundation.

Winter Weather Time Warp

By Bruce McElmurray

Our changing weather pattern at high elevation.

Biosolids: More Harm than Good, Part 1

By Lidia Epp

Dr. David Lewis, Ph.D., who was formerly a senior level research microbiologist at EPA-ORD, kindly agreed to an interview for the MOTHER EARTH NEWS blog addressing the issue of agricultural use of sewage and industrial sludge, aka – biosolids. He is one of the most prominent scientific voices in the growing opposition to biosolids land application. Dr. Lewis’ publications are frequently cited as an example of solid, unbiased scientific evidence of the danger posed by this practice.

This Stuff is for the Birds

By Blythe Pelham

Creating a friendly environment for wild birds on your property can help them and provide for hours of viewing opportunities for you.


Rodenticides and Your Relationship with Carnivores

By Geri Vistein

This blog post explains how the use of rodent poisons is having a serious effect on the health of carnivores. The very species that have the ability to control rodent populations are being negatively affected by the human use of poisons.

Proposed Rail Line Threatens Old Lyme Farms

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Days Ferry Organics

Local farmers face unexpected obstacles in the historic community of Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Stand Up and Sign Up: Community Farms Need You Now

By Steven McFadden

With forces and circumstances intensifying all around, this is the optimum time to take positive action for your family, your community, and your planet. CSA Signup Day on Feb. 26 gives everyone an opportunity for intelligent action by joining and supporting a community farm (CSA).

3 Easy Ways to Live and Work In Gorgeous Places

By Lydia Noyes

Want to have the adventure of a lifetime by working in a National Park, Wwoofing in an exotic location, or joining AmeriCorps? Here's what you need to know.