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Hank Will Comes Home to MOTHER EARTH NEWS

By Hank Will

Hank Will has become Editor-in-Chief of MOTHER EARTH NEWS after many years spent perusing its pages.

State Laws on Pesticide Application Notifications

By Beyond Pesticides

Some states have adopted laws to warn residents about lawn, turf, and ornamental pesticide applications.

Oregon Company Salvages Urban Timber

By The Wood-Mizer Team

After seeing beautiful trees in Oregon going to waste, Seth Filippo realized the Pacific Northwest had a huge underutilized resource in urban wood.

Biosolids or Biohazard?

By Lidia Epp

Meet Carla Jordan, the resident of a rural county of Spotsylvania, VA. This a true story of how land application of biosolids affected Carla's life and how she decided to fight for the health and welfare of her family and her community.


We Live on Planet Mother

By Eugene Cooke, Grow Where You Are

Land-based people have a global culture of relationship with nature. This powerful experience of interconnection is extremely valuable too turn us away from the colonized food system.

Activists Fight Biosolids Land Application

By Lidia Epp

Caroline Snyder, Ph.D.,is Professor Emeritus of the College of Liberal Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For the last 20 years she has researched the politics and science of using biosolids and industrial residuals as an agricultural "fertilizer". She founded Citizens for Sludge-Free Land and is a charter member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Here, Dr Snyder shares with us her views on the role of anti-sludge activists.

A Fairy's-Eye View of My Garden

By Blythe Pelham

I recently spent time visiting the micro worlds of my garden. It always thrills me to do such a thing and I often find surprises.

Sludge Train: Toxic Biosolids Permitted in Virginia

By Lidia Epp

The burden of municipal and industrial waste disposal is transformed into a commercial enterprise, with the careless disregard for growing concerns over the risks it poses to the human and animal health and to the natural environment.