Nature & Environment

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Farming is a Community Affair: No Farm is an Island

By Geri Vistein

There is a whole circle of life within a farm, but also in the community all around the farm. Our carnivores share that circle of life with us, and what happens in their lives may have unexpected affects in the lives of our farmers. Sharing here a true story, that I would expect plays out in many places, not just this farm. How can we write a new story?

Preparedness for Black Bear Encounters on Remote Properties

By Jamie Leahy, North Ridge Mountain Guides

Here is my brief story of an encounter with a black bear on a remote homestead, and the do’s and don’ts of wildlife encounters. Preparedness in remote locations and wildlife encounters can help you survive a black bear encounter.

Planting Living Fencerows for 'Linear Forest' Habitat

By Mary Lou Shaw

Fencerows and hedgerows not only demark property boundaries and help keep livestock contained, but they also provide important habitat to many species. These species help farmers by providing insect control. Fencerows support pollinators. They also control erosion which protects topsoil and prevents pollution of streams.

Leadership Qualities I Learned from an Alpha Wolf

By Bruce McElmurray

My wife and I live in the mountains of southern Colorado with our four German Shepherd Dogs. We have numerous wild animals visit almost on a daily basis and occasionally a wolf will be seen or the tracks from one. On one visit to the nearby wildlife refuge, we made the decision to sponsor a wolf named Lucas. Here is what he taught us.


Changing the World with Effective Communication

By Destiny Hagest,

Is perception all that's stopping new ideas from reaching more people?

Where Have All the Wolves, Cougars, and Wild Horses Gone?

By Geri Vistein

How can we as a culture emerge out of the darkness where we think that our species has all the answers to complex relationships on the Earth? I share thoughts here regarding the treatment of our wild mustangs, and how their predators can help them and us.

'Only the Rocks Live Forever': Exploring Healing Energy in Stones and Crystals

By Blythe Pelham

I have a lifelong affinity for rocks and bricks. Though collecting them isn’t perhaps the most weighty thing I do, they certainly give my body a workout as they find their way into my garden and life over and over again.

Feeding the Pig: The Problem with Homegrown Arts Organizations

By Michael Johnathon, WoodSongs Front Porch Association

It costs the average musician upwards of $1,000 to be a member of most music trade groups, pay for conference fees, travel, and get hotel rooms and meals. That is more than most musicians make in a year. If it costs more to be part of the garden than the garden can provide, the farmer needs to make a choice: Abandon the garden or get rid of the pig.